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Re: dhclient backgrounding?

Pobably you want to make sure that DHCP server is up before
the clients contact it. As to starting network services, the
machine will have to restart them via some local script.


On Sun, 1 May 2005, Carlos Rodrigues wrote:

> Rogério Brito wrote:
> > I have tried many DHCP clients here on my machines and they all worked
> > forking a daemon to the background once the configuration is acquired.
> Yes, that's true. But in this case they don't get to acquire any
> configuration. The power went down and took both these alphas and the
> dhcp server, and when it came back the both powered up but without
> seeing each other, so the alphas gave up on getting an address after a
> while.
> This isn't that serious, as the dhcp server has an UPS backing it up, so
> this only becomes an issue for long outages (which are very rare, and
> normally associated with some maintenance in the building - thus with
> previous warning). Besides, getting an address in the background doesn't
> do anything regarding the services that failed or started in a
> network-unaware state. But it would be nice not being forced to be able
> to put them back to work remotely...
> > You may try other clients like pump, dhcp3-client (note the 3) or even
> > udhcpc (haven't tried this one yet, but it surely sound promising, given my
> > current "hunt" for low memory programs).
> Hmmm, I guess I'll give it a try on monday. Thanks.
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