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samba mount timeout


I have two sarge clients attached to the same network using the same fstab 
entries to mount shared drives.  On one system I can use the hostname in the 
fstab entry, on the other it only works with ip numbers.  On the client which 
only works with ip numbers I get the following timout message when I try to 
mount the share using the hostname:

k2bio1:/# mount /mnt/k2 -bio/
timeout connecting to
timeout connecting to
Error connecting to (Operation already in progress)
2283: Connection to srh00011 failed
SMB connection failed

where I presume is some external nameserver.  The strange thing 
is that the mounts worked using the hostname before a dist-upgrade and kernel 
upgrade to 2.6.11, before that the system hadn't been updated in at least six 

I can't figure out what the difference is between the two clients that would 
allow one to use the hostnames, and not the other.

Any suggestions where to look?



Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler
Bodenstedtstr. 13
30173 Hannover

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