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What to do when the lists just can't help me

I have a thinkpad, I’ve gotten Debian almost perfectly going on it.


I, however, am continually frustrated by the sound systems in Linux. Right now my sound situation is that it works with my 2.6.10 kernel (which has a clock bug in it, so that’s not great) but doesn’t work at all with my 2.6.11 kernel


I’ve tried this list, to no avail.


Even in 2.6.10, I can’t get sound to work with wine. The wine people had all sorts of helpful advice, but nothing worked out.


So… google, the applicable lists, and IRC just aren’t working for me.


Now what? I live in Chicago, so I’m hoping geography won’t limit me… but where do I go if I decide I’m willing to pay for someone to just do it? Is there a network of computer professionals that can help with this sort of thing, specifically in Debian?


All my coworkers/friends are no help because, like me, their usage of linux is mostly for servers or to get real work done, so the sound system rarely means that much to anyone. And a minimal amount of thinking about where to go for assistance makes me think of either for pay services that will probably fidget a lot when they don’t see a windows login, and a bunch of linux consultants who mostly tune databases and setup firewalls and the like.


Curious, thanks.



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