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Re: mount nfs on the fly

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 07:52:58PM +0200, hjvm@freenet.de wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a server at home which exports an nfs share. If the server is 
> powered on when I boot a client I can access the nfs share without 
> problems from the client as it is mounted accordingly to the rules of 
> fstab at boot time. But if I happen to power on the server when the 
> client has already booted, I have to mount the nfs share manually.
> My question is: can I automate this process, i. e. could the client 
> automatically try to mount the nfs share when the directory to which the 
> share is mounted on the client is accessed?
> I'm no expert, but I have observed that samba makes this 
> automatically. On the other hand I'd prefer to use nfs and not samba.
> Any advice is welcome. It might be a simple issue but I've found no 
> clues so far in the NFS-howto and other sources.

I don't know about any automatic tool. You can do it yourself through
cron job or simple daemon. The best way is to make the server let you
know ;-). For example the server can execute simple suid program written
in C that does the desired things (through ssh using keys).

-- Dalibor

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