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Re: mozilla font woes when printing

On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 06:25 -0700, James Vahn wrote:
> michael wrote:
> > When I print any page from Mozilla
> > a) the body text seems to be in the same (printed) font, which is just
> > about readable, rather than the page's original font
> > b) the URL printed out in the header/top margin (which is in the same
> > font as (a)) lacks characters such as : and / thus making the URL
> > impossible to decypher back to its original
> Sounds familiar. Are you printing to "lp@:64" ?  Try "Postscript/lp"
> instead.  Is gsfonts installed?

Mmm... rebooted since I sent first msg, now the list of printers is
different. I was printing to the specific printer which I'm sure was
called 'bro@:64' or very similar (I've named the printer 'bro' in CUPS)
but not there's entries such as xp_[ps|
pdf]_spooldir_HOME_Xprintjobs@:64' too.

Printing to 'postscript/bro' didn't help & yes do have gsfonts installed

Michael Bane
Atmospheric Physics Group
University of Manchester

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