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Re: Thesis/Dissertation authoring application

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 05:14:30PM +0100, Dave Ewart wrote:
> On Monday, 25.04.2005 at 17:40 +0200, Bruno Hertz wrote:
> > Dave Ewart <davee@sungate.co.uk> writes:
> > 
> > > Sadly, most journals view anything other than MS Word as alien.
> > > I've dealt with many (mainly medical) journals and normally a
> > > request to send TeX source is met with "WTF is 'tech'?" ... :-/
> > 
> > Oh dear, I actually didn't know even scientific publishing was
> > infested by that crap such widely. Sincere condolences from my part.
> > Maybe you actually should switch to Math, one of the apparently few
> > save havens of proper reason ? :)
> Well, we're in the 'medical statistics' area and some of the more
> stats-y journals positively embrace LaTeX, which is good; they are
> hugely outweighed by the others though.
> /me goes off at a tangent
> Thing is, given the typographical errors which appear in first proofs
> from the "Send us Word only" journals, it is clear that they *re-type*
> the content by hand.  And yet our researchers spend hours formatting
> their document etc. - which I've told them on numerous occasions is
> completely pointless ...  :-)
> Dave.
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There's nothing you can do in  that case, except sending your texts to
other journals I guess. As one  may expect Art History is another area
affected  by the  "MS Word"  problem.  I  now use  XML for  whatever I
write. It  took me  some time to  learn how  to transform it  but that
saves lot  of time now. I  then can make two  transformations from the
source: XML  --> PDF using  XSLT and ConTeXt,  and XML -->  HTML using
XSLT. I  then go to  another computer and  open HTML version  in Word,
save it and  send to those publishers who want  "Word only".  This may
seem like an overkill but it  does help you after couple of years, ity
certainly helped me. I think it  should be a compulsory subject in the
first year of any University syllabus.


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