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Re: Help Please: Network Down

Bill Day wrote:

> Quite possible if you are not getting any info back that your Cat5 cable is
> loose or something?  Also, as suggested by another list member, try via IP
> instead of name.  I have certain comps on my network that will not respond to
> their hostname for ssh, on via IP address.
I have checked my cables and they seem to be in securely.  The lights on my switch show 100 Mb/sec full duplex for the desktop and 10 Mb/sec half duplex for the gateway, which is correct.  When I execute a ssh command from either machine the data lights blink on both lines.  I also tried substituting a crossover cable for the two cables and switch, but the results were the same.

I have been using ssh to connect this way on these boxes for several months, so I don't see why it should suddenly stop working now, but I will try it, anyway.

I just sent the output of ifconfig from both machines in another post.
Marc Shapiro

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