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Re: Can't mount using usb-storage after kernel upgrade

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Andrew Perrin wrote:

> After upgrading to kernel 2.6.8 (from 2.4.24), I can no longer mount my xd
> card, using either the lexar card reader or the camera itself as the
> reader.  The card shows up fine as far as fdisk, but trying to mount the
> partition returns an error.  Below are some relevant transcripts. Any
> advice is welcome!
> Thanks,
> Andy


Follow-up: the problem was that there was no nls language module available
to load the vfat filesystem. Compiling and loading the nls_iso8859_1
and nls_cp437 modules solved the problem.

This seems like a bug to me: if vfat requires these modules, make-kpkg
ought to keep one from compiling a kernel that includes vfat but not the
required modules, or at least ought to warn about it.


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