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Re: stop spinning, was: Poll results: User views on the FDL issue

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 09:49:20AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Both sides appear to "defend it to the death", while this thread
> goes round and round, having less and less to do with the stated
> subject of "Poll results". Please introduce new data and/or go
> off-list and/or change the subject line and/or agree to differ.

I'm currently awaiting "new data"--an explanation of where this "user's
right to see the original work" comes from, and why it trumps right to

"Agreeing to differ" isn't useful here.  The purpose of these debates is
rarely to convince one another, when they reach this stage; it's to convince
others.  I tend to drop a debate when I think it's passed the point where it
can influence anyone's opinion.  Since it seems now that the other's argument
hinges around this "right to see the original work", and I've never even heard
of such a thing, I suspect it'll hit that point very soon.  I hope that's
close enough to "agreeing to differ" to satisfy you.  :)

Changing the subject line is futile in conversations spanning multiple
subthreads, and I almost never take these discussions off-list--my reason
for that is probably obvious from the above.

Glenn Maynard

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