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Re: Linux compatible USB adapter.

Le Tue, 19 Apr 2005 19:14:16 +0300, Daniel M. a écrit :

> Hello everybody,
> I want to buy a Linux compatible PCI to USB 2.0 adapter. What I should
> be looking for so that an adapter I am going to buy will be fully compatible?
> I am very far from being an expert in hardware buzzwords, but from Linux's
> documentation and info on www.linux-usb.org site I understood that there are
> at least two things to look for: "USB 2.0 high speed" and "EHCI".
> If I see those two phrases in adapter's specs, is that enough to be sure
> that an adapter device is Linux compatible? If not, what is an additional
> information to look for? If yes, are those two necessary, or could one of them
> be dropped (though I think that "high speed" is necessary if you want USB 2.0
> instead of USB 1.1)?

there is only one usb 2 standard. ehci_hcd is the module for usb 2. USB
2.0 High speed is a marketing name.

About usb support linux has full compatibility. I had problem with the
builtin port on an nforce2 board  ... and found the answer on a  winxp
forum : not enough power for cam on the builtin ports.
Any extension card i know of provide proper power (this is how i fixed my


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