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Re: Nvu finally in sarge

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 06:27 pm, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Rob Brenart (TT) wrote:
> >>Its a modern day version of 'real programmers code only in octal' (pre
> >
> > IBM
> >
> >>360)
> >
> > Maybe, I dunno... I tend to think it's more backlash to FrontPage and
> > the early versions of DreamWeaver which resulted both in a ton of
> > spaghetti code which wouldn't validate on its best day and a ton of
> > really awful websites that all looked the same.
> Yeah.  It sucks to have to come in and properly clean up a website that
> was built some "guru" with a sorry excuse for a WYSIWYG tool and
> absolutely no understanding of the fundamentals of web design.  (E.g.,
> the masthead on your page should never be 4788x1962 1.2MB graphic that
> you crammed into a 700x250 space only by specifying width and height
> attributes).  Please see http://afrotc.osu.edu/ for an example (beware
> if you are on dialup).  If people did this sort of stuff building
> houses or bridges, they would be incarcerated for criminal negligence.
> -Roberto
> --
> Roberto C. Sanchez
> http://familiasanchez.net/~sanchezr

Yes, it does.  But if it is so terrible, then you either must be getting paid 
enough to make it worth your while, or someone's pointing a gun to your head 
to make you do it.  I've had to clean up such messes before, which is one 
reason I charge by the hour on such work.  It's the same as when the husband 
tries to fix the plumbing instead of calling a plumber.  They muck it up, 
they pay to have it fixed.

There's also the point that some people, with those editors (and yes, I 
dislike them and some of their products, too), are able to get their point 
out or express themselves and they would not have without them.

A comparison:

My advocation is writing (right now I'm working as a programmer to start a 
business that will pay enough for me to start my own film production 
company).  I've learned far more about the written word than most people.  
When people hear I write poetry, you would not believe the amount of poorly 
written, malformed poems I'm asked to see.  If I wanted to make money editing 
such drivel, I could easily do it.  I don't like most of what I see, but I 
know it's a genuine expression from that person's soul.  Maybe, from my 
experienced point of view, it's crap, but it's their crap, and it just might 
be the poem they wrote that convinced their girlfriend to marry them.  If 
that's so, I'm glad they tried and something good came out of their efforts.

It's the same with a lot of the rotten web pages out there.  Maybe you or I 
would find nothing right with them, but the fact that the person could do it 
with some tool like Frontpage (man, how that word sticks in my craw!), means 
that someone who could not afford a pro, or didn't know he was prodcuing 
crap, was able to get out their point and, to them, that is what is 


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