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Re: Nvu finally in sarge

Wayne Topa wrote:
Roberto C. Sanchez(roberto@familiasanchez.net) is reported to have said:

For those who are interested and have been using nvu from a
tarball or from source, the official package is now in Sarge:



  Please excuse this private reply.  I have some questions that came
  up when I first went to your web page a few months ago and, now that
  I have installed nvu, I was reminded that I had forgotten to write
  you about them.

No problem.  I generally only take issue when someone privately emails
me asking a support-type question that is more appropriate for the list.

  When I went to your site I wanted to print it for study and found
  that only one page printed altho the file seemed a lot longer than
  that.  I wondered why that was and now see it t be an artifact of
  nvu.  I just went to the Features page of nvu.com and a page preview
  shows that is is only one page long, in Firefox, yet is is more like
  5-6 pages.  That is not how most sites work and I wondered if you
  had noticed that and found a fix?

I had someone mention it to me a while back and I thought I had fixed
it.  I guess I was wrong :-).  What it ended up being was that I use
{ position: fixed } attribute, which messes up the print formatting.
It is now fixed by specifying the body style differently for print than
it is for screen.

  Another problen is that I now use PHP on my web pages and the Gecko
  engine of nvu doesn't seem to recognize it as a valid extension, so
  wants to save it to disk instead of load it.  PHP works fine in
  Firefox tho.... and the bluefish editor works with it as well.

Not sure on this.  The only time I have encountered this is with regard
to a misconfigured webserver.  Have you tried different servers with
your browsers?

  I have not played with nvu much and am just now printing the Help
  file, which does print all the pages(!), so I may have missed
  something obivious.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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