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Re: rm to mp3

After my previous email, I did some more tinkering, and it confuses me even more:

When I played AVI file after encoding it with mencoder in a windows machine, on windows
media player, I can hear the sound but no video. Unfortunately sound on my linux box is
broken. But this very avi file when I play with mplayer (on debian box) shows me the
video. I have no way of knowing if it has any sound (because of the reason just stated

The same avi file, I encoded to mpeg using ffmpeg. The resulting mpg file shows video and
has broken sound. There is some noise, kind of chirping. I tried encoding with different
bit rates (64, 128) but no outcome.

Sorry for making this little complicated, but I wanted to tell everything thats happening

--- Carl Fink <carlf@fink.to> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 11:35:37AM -0700, Punit Ahluwalia wrote:
> > I played avi file using mplayer. It plays (Video and Audio). I am supposing the
> latter
> > because I have not been able to fix the sound issue with mplayer. But that later. I
> moved
> >  test.avi to a windows machine and tried to play using windows media player. That
> just
> > emits sound. No video.
> I've noticed that mencoder's mpeg4 has broken on my system -- files encoded
> with it play sound-only.  Using "-ovc mjpeg" (for instance) works fine.  Try
> another codec.
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