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Re: SCSI, ATAPI and burners [SOLVED]

Jim Hall wrote:
Bill Day wrote:

When I did my original Woody installation I too had that problem, but with the installation of sarge and a 2.6 kernel I no longer had to add scsi emulation for my burner in lilo.conf or in grubs menu.1st.

I suggest upgrading yoru kernel to a proper 2.6.x kernel for your arch, you will still have the option to boot the old kernel while you work out any bugs you may have with the new kernel(as long as your /boot is large enough), another one of my mistakes. I know better now, and have a /boot of 450MB, with plenty of room to play with new kernels. 8-)


On Tuesday March 29 2005 8:45 am, Jim Hall wrote:

Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 07:11:57 -0600, Jim Hall <volunteer@revealed.net>


In Sarge, all of the installed burner packages are having problems. Some
of the docs say I should define the burner as a SCSI device because
ATAPI is a form of SCSI.

The installer asked if I had SCSI devices. Should I have said "Yes" (for
the sake of future installs)?

2.6 kernels already have native ATAPI support.

Since I used the default 2.4 kernel, I can only use a 2.6 kernel on this
system if it's fairly safe (repeat: safe) to switch.

Anyway, attaching a SCSI device in the future is straight-forward
enough that it doesn't warrant reinstallation procedures.

I wasn't considering actual future SCSI devices or reinstallation, only
the posibility that if I had said yes to the SCSI option when I
installed, I wouldn't be asking this question now.


I should be able to get on the system in question this weekend. I'll check out what's been suggested and run some experiments. I'll post back the results early next week.


Sorry for the delay. I finally got to work on this system. I used a Knoppix v3.6 CD with the 2.6 kernel. I burned the Knoppix v3.7 iso perfectly. The 2.6 kernel appears to be the way to go. /boot is 118MB, so that looks OK.

Another problem solved,

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