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Re: Remove pkg

On 2005-04-18, Jim Hall penned:
> I'm working on two Sarge systems, one at church and one not. Both
> have the same situation. I installed Enlightenment on one and
> swf-player on the other. The first user can't deal with
> Enlightenment's eye candy aspects. The second user needs
> flashplugin-nonfree because swf-player can't handle the web sites
> she uses.
> I'm slightly confused about the apt-get removal commands. I need to
> eliminate these (and other future) pkg's as though they had never
> been installed. Completely and utterly. So far, I've failed with
> Enlightenment. Before I try again, I'd like to get this sorted out.
> I've read the apt-get howto and man pages, but I must have missed
> and/or misunderstood something.
> Jim

Sounds like you need to 'purge'.  From the apt-get man page:


Use  purge  instead  of remove for anything that would be removed. An
asterisk ("*") will be displayed next to packages which are scheduled to
be purged. Configuration Item: APT::Get::Purge.


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