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Re: How to setup LILO with multiple drives/OS

On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 03:00:13PM -0700, Syed Huq wrote:
> Can you pls point me to a doc or link that clearly shows how to setup
> LILO such that I can boot multiple OSes that are on 'seperate'
> hard-drives but on the same PC.

Have you tried the usual suspects?

man lilo
man lilo.conf
man liloconfig
zless /usr/share/doc/lilo/Manual.txt.gz

> I have one hard-drive(SATA)using XP, and another(IDE)that uses Linux.
> Does it matter which one is the Primary or Secondary in this case ?

Yes. Lilo wants to know what the relevant partition numbers are. Of
the above documents /usr/share/doc/lilo/Manual.txt.gz has the most
info about this.

Easiest is probably just to run the 'liloconfig' program as root. It
asks you a few questions and that should give a correct setup.

If you change anything manually in /etc/lilo.conf remember to run lilo
again so the changes will take effect.

Before you start experimenting with lilo you may want to test if you
can start your computer correctly when lilo fails. So make sure (that
is: test) that you can get into Windows with a startup floppy and make
sure you can get into linux also with a floppy or perhaps a live cd
like knoppix.

Good luck,

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