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Re: Firefox, Google-Maps, and Postscript

Ralph Katz wrote:
> On 04/15/2005 08:20 PM, James Vahn wrote:
>> The printout is poor, I believe it has to do with Mozilla-Firefox using
>> Postscript Level III. It does not seem to be well supported, is there a
>> way Firefox can utilize Level I instead? Would it help?
> I just printed a google map yesterday with no problem using firefox and
> cups with an up-to-date sarge.  It works fine "out-of-the-box."

Same setup here.

What I discovered... The command line option was missing, and there was
no "Letter" for papersize - I was using "a(215x279)", which apparently
does not correspond to 8.5x11 and was causing the stretched-out

What I never bothered to look at was using Postscript/lp instead of
lp@:64. When I did, there was a command line box and "Letter"...  :-)
I put "kprinter" in the command line.

It now prints quite well, and I can obtain PDF files too. The only
puzzle remaining is how to make Postscript/lp the default, instead
of lp@:64 ..

Thanks, you guys! :-)

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