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Re: My responses to your replies on the gigabit problem (I Still need help)

Le jeudi 14 avril 2005 à 15:47 -0700, Steve Jr Ramage a écrit :
> |
> |
> | I question the accuracy of your ping command. Let me suggest the
> | following scenario :
> |
> | apt-get install iftop vsftpd
> |
> | prepare some very big file on the debian machine and configure
> | vsftp such as to allow logging in from windoze
> |
> | launch iftop on a terminal
> |
> | download your big file from windows (with filezilla for instance)
> | and watch the iftop output ...
> |
> | Maybe that will help.
> I tried something similar, since my debian box already has a server on
> it, I tried using Download Accelerator and stream two files about 700
> MB each. Download Accelerator then opened 7 connections per file,

hmmm that's surely less efficient than just two (in my experience) - is
it supposed to *accelerate* something ??? (maybe in the case of a DSL
pipe, but not on a fat gig ethernet)

>  to
> my server and started downloading. The sum of the two connections
> maxed out at about 12000 KB/s, its get a more accurate number cause
> they would fight over them, but it seems to be around there.

11,7 MB/sec, this seems like you are maxing out a 100 Mb link (in
practice I never observed more than 10 Mb/s on such a link but my
experience is quite limited)

however it could be that you are hitting the hard disk write capacity of
the receiver machine (it is not a limitation of the hard drive itself
but the elevator algo. and NTFS driver) especially in the case of seven
simultaneous streams ... if you send the received data to something
like /dev/null maybe ... or try again with the specific setup I
mentioned ...


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