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Problem with Promise Ultra 133TX2

Dear Debian

I am having some probmes with this IDE ATA card.
My hardware:
Asus A8V Delux
1x AMD 64
2x Promise Ultra 133 TX2

Debian Sarge
Kernel AMD 64 2.6.10, std. not custom build.

When I only install one card, debian works 100%
But when I install card #2, I can se all my 8 harddisks, in the bios, but debian is only able to see the harddisks attached to one of the cards.

I have talked to Promise, and they cliam, that you can/could install as meany cards, as you have PCI slots/IRQ room.

I have tried to shuffle the cards in all possiable positions, and it dosn't work. I still can see all harddisks in the bios, but debian will only see the harddisks on one card.

I have searched on the net, and I can not sinde any solution, for this problem.

pls. note, I am NOT runnig any raid or anything else funny on my server.

The system is not using any of the disks on the promise cards, when booting.


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