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Re: kind souls around? (\rm -rf '/' - yikes!) - not yet


I'm trying this command, and it should be fine, it I'm right, but apt-get cries because of some cyclic dependencies. :/

.... blahblah...
After unpacking 41.0kB of additional disk space will be used.
E: Couldn't configure pre-depend coreutils for debianutils, probably a dependency cycle.

What's now?


On Apr 5, 2005 3:37 PM, Bruno Hertz <brrhtz@yahoo.de> wrote:
mfabache@yahoo.com writes:

> have one small problem left (getting an illegal seek (linux error 29))
> Is there a quick/easy way to reload the deb packages (base/woody) using
> apt-get or deselect, eh?

What do you mean, reload? Download all the debs again or reinstall?

To reinstall, I've come across several variants, which I all didn't test
myself though, since I never had to do a complete reinstall. Examples:

COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l   | awk '/^ii/ {print $2}'             | xargs apt-get -y --reinstall install
dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2 == "install" { print $1 }' | xargs apt-get -y --reinstall install

Those differ basically in the way the installed packages are gathered, in
the first case with dpgl -l, in the second via get-selections. The second
is acutally safer, I guess.

To check them, just leave the xargs part away which does the actual install,
just to see whether the proper packages are selected.

Also, look at the apt-get options. 'y' means 'yes to all questions', which
is meant to silence apt-get about questions it might have. Decide yourself
whether you want that or not.

You could also break that up in doing all the downloads first, and then the

dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2 == "install" { print $1 }' > packlist   # gather packs
cat packlist | xargs apt-get -dy --reinstall install                    # download
cat packlist | xargs apt-get -y  --reinstall install                    # install

Add an 'u' option to show upgraded packages.

As said, no guarantee from my side that this won't break something, since I
never had to do this myself. All the above recipes make sense, but you'll
never know. Maybe somebody else has additional remarks to make.

As a sidenote, you could also try to track down why that 'illegal seek'
actually happens.

Good luck, Bruno.

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