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Re: Mail system for Sarge

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 20:38 -0700, Charlie Strauss wrote:
I have read extensively from Google and trialled many
packages such as fetchmail, getmail, exim, procmail,
courier, clamav and spamassassin etc. 

It all rapidly turns into a 'Can of Worms'(TM). :)
Do it one piece at a time.  Get fetchmail running, along with your MTA (I use postfix), and let it just download the mail and drop it into your Maildir or where ever you would like it.  Once that works to you add the rest of the pieces one by one.  It's just easier to troubleshoot that way.

    getmail: mail from my offsite imap and pop servers
    fetchyahoo: to get my mail from yahoo
    local mail: from system apps

all go into a spool of some sort.

Test for virus - clamav
Test for scrips etc - sanitizer
Test for Spam and add ***SPAM*** to subject -
you should really try amavisd-new for this

Sort into Maildir folders based on x criteria eg.
'To:' address and ***SPAM***
let postfix hand the mail off to procmail

I use a superhost, all outbound email via my isp smtp
again postfix, and have it relay mail to your isp

IMAP server on local host
install courier-imap - after installing with apt-get there is absolutely nothing you have to do to configure it

I really don't want a hand holding session but what I
would like a logical path to follow using the minimum
number of steps and processes.
postfix    -----------|
                             |                |------ virus scanners
                  amavisd-new  ---|
                             |                |------ spamassassin/dspam
postfix   ------------|
$HOME/Maildir/   ------   from here courier can read your mail and serve it up through pop3 and imap

Kind regards
Hans du Plooy
SagacIT (Pty) Ltd
hansdp at sagacit dot com

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