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Re: Mail system for Sarge

Charlie Strauss <theslybook@yahoo.com> writes:
> Could anyone recommend a howto or some other source
> that will help me achieve my goal.

Not much of a howto, just a few notes (apart from fetchmail I've been
using this setup for a few months)
1 - fetchmail or similar to download all mail from external accounts and
    forward it to a local mailserver (exim)
2 - dyndns hostname for your box so people can email it directly
    (if desired)
3 - .procmailrc to feed everything into bogofilter to classify it as 
    spam/non-spam, store email to maildir folders in ~/Maildir
4 - courier-imap or courier-imap-ssl to read it all.

I've also got 3 spam folders, one for mail that bogofilter has marked as
spam (I periodically delete everything from here), and 2 other folders
(mark-as-spam & mark-as-ham) for training bogofilter with a couple of
shell scripts that prune those directories once an hour.

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