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shell escape problem?

hi folks,

I've written a little shell that generates this string and calls it
$CMD: (sorry no line breaks):

multi-gnome-terminal --add-window -T --tname==.teaching/ --tcommand="mutt -f =.teaching/" -T --tname==.moin/ --tcommand="mutt -f =.moin/" -T --tname==.mycroft --tcommand="mutt -f =.mycroft" -T --tname==.evilbitch --tcommand="mutt -f =.evilbitch" -T --tname==.bibliography/ --tcommand="mutt -f =.bibliography/" -T --tname==.dufferin-grove --tcommand="mutt -f =.dufferin-grove" -T --tname=+.Carfreeday --tcommand="mutt -f +.Carfreeday" -T --tname=+.IN_xml_openoffice --tcommand="mutt -f +.IN_xml_openoffice" -T --tname=+.IN_Pessimism --tcommand="mutt -f +.IN_Pessimism"

when I type this command in manualy, it executes perfectly.  But when
I try to execute this line in the script:

I get an error 
"Error on option -f: unknown option.  Run 'multi-gnome-terminal
--help' to see a full list of available command line options."

so it looks to as though the quotation marks that are working fine
when entered directly are somehow interfered with in the $CMD version.
Probalby this is obvious but I don't see it -- any hints?


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