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Re: ssh works, scp hangs

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Matt Zagrabelny wrote:

> scenario:
> two debian boxes with sshd running on both.
> ssh from A to B works
> ssh from B to A works
> scp from A to B works
> scp from B to A hangs

Check the MTU (via `ip link show eth0` or `ifconfig eth0`) on both
A and B.

This is a classic sign of MTU differences...  you'll likely find that
ftp would show exactly the same thing.

If the interfaces have the same MTU, investigate the
firewall/router/modem in front of A - as that is where the problem
most likely is occuring (PPPOE, for instance).

You can use ping or tcptraceroute or other tools to see where in
the link PMTU discovery is failing or being ignored (some drop
*all* ICMP traffic).

Rick Nelson
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<``Erik> then you fucked something up
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