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Re: Printer Samsung CPL-500N

Dave Thayer wrote:
On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 03:45:20PM -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

Helge Tore H?yland wrote:

I just got me a color laser printer thar should be supported by Debian. I
running Sarge and had no problem whith running the shipped LPR/LPRng
installation setup. After this I tried to print out the "test"-page. My
printer starts up and delivers a nice plane white paper. Looking at the
job-list, I notice that the page is delivered with a "amount" of content.
still the sheet is white.

Is there some sort of "Debian" way of configuring that I might have missed?

I have a CLP-550N and all I did was download the .ppd from Samsung and
put it /usr/share/cups/model.  After that I configured it with CUPS and
everything Just Works(TM).

It should be noted that the CLP-550 printers have built-in postscript, but
the CLP-500 series only use a samsung propriatory protocol, so you have to
use samsung's drivers. From looking at the threads at linuxprinting.org,
these drivers can be problimatic to set up. The OP would do well to have a
look at the mailing list archives at linuxprinting.org as well as the
CLP-500 entry in the database there. There are several people who have
posted their experiances getting their printers set up.

FWIW, anyone contemplating buying one of these printers should get the 550.
Besides having PS, it ships with full toner cartridges instead of 'starter'
cartridges, which alone is probably enough to justify the price difference.


What did it for me was the place I bought the 550 from was selling it
cheaper than the place I was considering the 500 from.  So, for me, the
"negative" price difference alone did.

I had forgetten about the PS/non-PS thing.  That was one thing that
initially confused me.  I was unhappy that samsung chose to have a line
of printers with such dramatically different specs.  Though, I guess
PS is seen as a frill instead of a core feature.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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