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Re: yahoo instant messenger (im)

hja123 wrote:

> In the yahoo website, it is mentioned the im is available as package
> ymessenger for woody, to download and install with 'dpkg -i'.
> I am running 'sarge' and prefer to install it with 'apt-get install'.
> I tried but failed. apt-cache search could not locate any ymessenger
> package. Is there a way around it?

It's available from Yahoo (http://messenger.yahoo.com/, right-hand side,
under the Debian paragraph), not from Debian. In other words, it's not
an official Debian package.

Like someone else mentioned, you might use gaim instead. The
disadvantage to this is that every so often Yahoo changes their protocol
in order to break non-Yahoo clients, and it typically takes a few days
for those non-Yahoo clients to release a new client that works again.

I tend to use gaim myself, falling back on ymessenger and/or the web
interface when the protocol gets changed until gaim "catches up" again.


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