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RE: Installing XOrg?

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From: news [mailto:news@sea.gmane.org] On Behalf Of Roman Stöckl-Schmidt
Subject: Re: Installing XOrg?
Patrick Kirchner wrote on 04.04.2005 19:52:
| Hello,
| I'd like to replace XFree86 with XOrg but can't seem to find any packages.
| I'm running Debian Sid and was wondering if there is a way I can move 
| to XOrg without compiling from scratch?
| Thanks much,
| Patrick.
Hi, after some googling I found this [1,2] which seems to have everything
you need to run X.org on sid I haven't looked into them myself but from
experience there shouldn't be to much donwloading of additional packages
involved to get it running in sarge. I realize you're running sid already
but I guess there are quite a few people 'out there' that want X.org too and
they might not be running.
I have no idea how 'stable' these packages are, especially keeping in mind
that I've heard some horror stories of bugs in X.org (which might not be
acute anymore). But considering you're running sid I guess you've already
had your share of torn out hair and know what you're asking for =)
Additionaly if found this [3] HOWTO on 'Installing a non-intrusive X.org
server on Debian' which requires BFS.
Cheers, Roman.
[1]	deb http://debian.linux-systeme.com unstable main
	deb-src http://debian.linux-systeme.com unstable main
[2]	http://debian.linux-systeme.com/


Thanks Roman,

I guess I should have mentioned that I found the same sites, but as the site
states ( http://debian.linux-systeme.com/ ) he's offline until he can deal
with the massive influx of traffic.  Makes me think I'm not the only one who
was interested in XOrg on Debian ;)

I added the entries to my sources.list but they fail to update.  I'll
probably just keep them in my sources.list and wait until I can connect.

As for the "Installing a non-intrusive X.org server on Debian" I wanted to
avoid that one as it wasn't a pre-compiled package and required building
from source which I prefer to avoid in order to stay up-to-date.

Thanks again,


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