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Re: kernel-2.6.8 Scanner Support?

On Mon, 04 Apr 2005 17:10:09 +0200, Lee Braiden wrote:

> Do you happen to know the reason for this approach?  I've wondered about it a 
> few times.  I thought scanners were supported by USB on the same level that 
> Cameras etc. were.  So it seems strange that Linux puts the support on 
> different levels...
> -- 
> Lee.

I believe that direct access through kernel modules is still used for
many usb devices.  It seems that libusb is the connection method preferred
by sane for kernels 2.5, 2.6 and later.

>From man sane-usb:
"Libusb is the more general approach and is able to access any scanner.
Also, it supports more platforms."

Sane will try using kernel moduels 1st, then to libusb.



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