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Re: A question about /srv partition

on Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 11:43:20AM -0500, Junpei Xia (xiajunpei@gmail.com) wrote:
> Hi there,
> There is a new directory introduced in Debian Sarge, /srv. What would
> be your suggestion about how much disk space to be allocated for it as
> a separate partition, if it's necessary to do so? My install would
> include services like CVS, HTTP, Samba, etc.. If no separate /srv
> partition is allocated, will a 500MB / suffice? Of course, I have
> /boot, /home, /opt, /tmp, /usr, /usr/local, /var all on their own
> partitions.

First:  a directory need not be a partition.  A partition, however,
requires a mountpoint directory.

Second:  /srv is a bit of (IMO) brain-deadedness which has emerged from
the FHS project.  Its use is advisory -- you _can_ use it, but there is
no requirement that you do so.  To the extent it _does_ make sense, you
have a one-stop shopping point, if you want, for services (hence,
"/srv") offered by your system.  Which may or may not suite how you
actually run things -- I can think of any number of configurations which
don't suit this configuration particularly well.

Third:  there's no reason you can't serve files for services elsewhere
and simply link to them, either in aggregate or individually, under

Personally, if I made use of the option at all, I'd probably choose the

For a small, personal, Intranet, or relatively low-load organizational
server, I'd probably either run services out of /home or /var, and
provide a symlink back to /srv.  The simplest configuration from my PoV

  - Create your standard system partitions.  I provide guidelines on
    this at http://twiki.iwethey.org/Main/NixPartitioning

  - Allocate the balance of storage to /home.

  - Create /home/srv.  'rmdir /srv; ln -s /home/srv /srv'

  - Create subdirs of /home/srv as desired, either as directories or
    links to other locations.

This gets past the headache of allocating additional storage, and gives
/home as your one-stop shopping for backups (you *are* backing up,

Alternatively, you could allocate /usr/local and do something like the
configuration above under /usr/local/srv.

My own practice is to create a symlink from /usr/local/opt to /opt, for
software b0rken enough to insist on it.


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