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Re: intrusion via ssh

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005, John Hasler wrote:

> alvin writes:
> > the industry seem to like "certifications", so it may as well dd
> > "drivers license" for the (information) highway
> > and an enforceable minimum penalty for disobeying the "law" or "not doing
> > normal things, especially if its automated for them"
> And, of course, a requirement that only licensed software be used and that
> only people with licenses program.  Guess what software would get licensed?

i was envisioning it more as a comptetency level "drivers license" vs
one to dictate which one to use

	- they either have "insurance" ( someone responsible for their PC
	maintainance and how its used )  or they do it all themself

	- if that machine attacks other peoples machines, they need to
	fix it within n-hours of the incoming incident or have their
	PC taken off the net and the isp too gets the same notice to have
	that attacking pc fixed

	- other countries seem to be doing what better isp is no longer
	willing to do,  so its a matter of a  couple years before all
	spammers and attacking machines will disappear if there was
	a legal consequence for hosting spammers and script kiddies

	- crackers will be attacking from under the radar and there's
	nothing we can do about them, unless you're just as good
	technically to defend against crackers that can write exploit

and yeah ... i don't use the other kind of sw, unless there is no
opensource versions

c ya

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