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Re: fixing broken apt

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005 04:47:59 -0900
Oliver Savage <oliver.savage@gmail.com> wrote:

> >>>>Danger you are entering a newb zone.<<<<

I lived there for a few years. :-) 

> I would appreciate any help that people can offer me with this
> problem. I have spent over 8 hours of dedicated time searching for
> answers and trying various pieces of information that seemed like they
> would offer a solution. I have read the man pages for apt, apt-config,
> dpkg, etc. I have also read the manuals found at debian.org and looked
> thru files on my own system, including logs to try to determine the
> cause of the problem. The logs may yet hold clues but I'm not the most
> well versed in that dept.
> System: Debian Woody 2.4.18-bf2.4
> Apt version: 0.5.4 
> I'm not sure exactly what happened. I had updated my sources.list and
> created an apt.conf (since removed) and then ran "apt-get update".
> While "apt-get update" was running I was kicked out of my XDMCP/VNC
> session into the computer. When I logged back in and tried to access
> any apt- prefaced command apt just hangs. It has to be terminated via
> "ctrl-C" or I never get my command prompt back. If I run:
> nonado:/# top | grep apt
> 5028 root      15   0  1044 1044   784 R    97.6  0.1   0:05 apt-get
> 5028 root      17   0  1044 1044   784 R    99.4  0.1   0:10 apt-get

If I understand the steps you took, top is showing a couple of (hung?)
apt-get processes. As root, try a "killall apt-get". If top still shows
apt-get running, you will have to try "killall -9 apt-get" - but don't
do the -9 unless you have to.

Without the apt.conf in place, try running "apt-get update" and see if
it works this time. If it doesn't, copy and paste the errors into your


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