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Re: intrusion via ssh

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005, Bruno Hertz wrote:

> Thinking of grandma, I'm not sure whether it's always negligence proper.
> Plus, when flattening her iron in a counterattack, I'd always be a little
> anxious she might drop dead from heart attack. Maybe we need some kind
> of 'computer driver's license' ... (not sure what the industry would say
> about that, though)

the industry seem to like "certifications", so it may as well add
"drivers license" for the (information) highway

and an enforceable minimum penalty for disobeying the "law" or 
"not doing normal things, especially if its automated for them" 

just remember, today, everybody has access to the equivalent compute
power of a  cray ymp (?) that cost $10M(?) 10 yrs ago

c ya

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