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Sound recording problems

I'm trying to record audio that comes in to my system from a radio connected 
to my Soundblaster.

It seems like almost any encoding program needs a source from a program like 
rawrec, so that's what I'm working.  I'll pipe the output from rawrec to 
oggenc (part of vorbis-tools).  There's only one problem: My radio is plugged 
into the "Line In" on the Soundblaster, and I can hear it on the sound card 
output, but my output from rawrec is a file full of nulls.  The examples show 
no need to specify the device, so I tested it by specifying /dev/dsp and with 
no specified device.  I'm still getting nothing.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Here's the command:

rawrec recoutput.raw
rawrec --audio-device=/dev/dsp recoutput.raw

I'm open to suggestions of other programs to use instead.  I want to be able 
to set up a cron job to run whatever I use, so GUI only apps are out.

Thanks for any ideas on this!


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