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Re: Debian sarge base + xfce4 desktop


I do this all the time using the netinstall image. During the install process I do not choose any of the package options (web server, etc.). After the netinstall is done I do:

apt-get update
* Enter '''apt-get install x-window-system xfce4 rxvt synaptic postfix ntp-server mozilla-firefox vim''' to install the window manager.
   * Choose '''Subpixel rendering''' as we use LCDs.
   * Choose '''Yes''' to have defoma manage the fonts.
   * Choose '''Yes''' to autodetect video hardware.
   * Choose '''xfree86''' as the XKB ruleset.
* Choose '''pc104''' for the keyboard, '''us''' for the layout, '''/dev/psaux''' for the mouse port, and '''ImPS/2''' for the mouse type.
   * Choose '''LCD''' for the monitor type.
* Choose '''medium''' for selecting monitor characteristics and then '''1280x1024@75Hz''' for the video mode. * On the next screen be sure that the '''1280x1024''' video mode is selected.
   * Choose '''24''' bit color
 * Enter '''startx''' to verify that the window system works.

rds wrote:

Have installed Debian sarge base and would like to install xfce4 desktop. I'm
wondering what other packages I would need to install besides xfce4 to get it
working: Is it x-window-system or x-window-system-core or xserver-xfree86
and/or something else?

Thanks in advance


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