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Re: OpenVPN problem.

On Apr 1, 2005 1:39 PM, Lists Soderlund.org <lists@soderlund.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've setup a OpenVPN TUN-interface on a Debian-machine with all the
> configuration working. The IP-adress of the tun0-device is
> Ive connected a WinXP-client to the server which gets an ip-adress of
> with the default gateway of
> When I ping the from the client I get a reply just fine. When I
> ping the from the server I also get a reply just fine.
> All routes on the client seems fine, the default (
> points to the correct place on the server-client-link. And traffic
> (icmp) is obviously going over the link.
> Now, when i try to surf or ping other hosts over the tunnel nothing
> happens. I can see via tcpdump that the traffic actually gets to the
> server, but then nothing.
> What could be wrong? I know the detail of this email is HORRIBLE. But
> honestly I dont know where to begin on the details, what configs to
> attach, what debug to start and what codes to show.
> Regards,
> Niclas


I'm thinking you might have forgotten to enable ipmasq on the gateway
for that range? Seems like the most obvious reason to me. In which
case you'll have to mess around a bit with the debian package or setup
your own rules.


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