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Re: WindowMaker: fatal error: could not open display ""

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 10:51 -0800, rds wrote:
> Hi,
> Need some help with installation of wmaker (WindowMaker) on Debian sarge. This
> is what I did:
> # aptitude install wmaker --verbose
> # wmaker
> /usr/lib/WindowMaker/WindowMaker fatal error: could not open display ""

root generally doesnt have privileges to X. so you should run it as a
normal user. given that, are you currently in a X environment?

i just did installed wmaker and it showed up under my display manager
(gdm) and that is how i got it to run. but there is about a bazillion
ways to use different window managers.

if you want an easy way do:
# aptitude install gdm

-matt zagrabelny

ps. if you care, i personally use sawfish and gnome and i find it to be
clean and nice. (sawfish has tons of keyboard shortcut capabilities)

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