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Re: SCSI, ATAPI and burners

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 21:11, Jim Hall wrote:
> In Sarge, all of the installed burner packages are having problems.
> Some of the docs say I should define the burner as a SCSI device
> because ATAPI is a form of SCSI.

I'm having a SCSI burner and the 2.6 kernel together with cdrecord is 
*broken* for quite some time now. It is impossible for me to burn even 
one cd. It always gives me IO errors and aborts the burning process 
immediatly. This is not only on one machine, but on all machines where 
I have SCSI burners.

There are already bug reports in the BTS for this topic. Does anyone 
know a solution except downgrading to woody or buying ATAPI burners?

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