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Re: printing very large sheets

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 01:48:50AM -0500, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> I'm trying to print a very large sheet of paper (44"x12"). The printer
> (HP9650) is fine with standard sheet sizes, but I can't figure out how to
> make it print very large sheets of paper. This is what I've tried:
> CUPs:
> 	- set the default paper size to "custom"
> OpenOffice.org:
> 	- resizes the sheet to a "standard" paper size, even if a custom page
> 	  size is used. Apparently this is due to a bug in Java 1.3.1?
> psresize
> 	- from OOo create a ps file and then resize using psresize. Generates
> 	  the following error: 
> (...)
> D [29/Mar/2005:01:35:37 -0500] [Job 125] KID3 exited with status 3
> D [29/Mar/2005:01:35:37 -0500] [Job 125] Renderer exit stat: 3

It seems that ghostscript is having problems rendering the PS file.  At
least that's what I figure from looking at foomatic-rip (a perl script):
"KID3" is the rendering process (gs), and the return status "3" means

$EXIT_JOBERR = 3;          # job is defective

The following section of code appears to be involved in generating the 
messages you see:

		} elsif (($rendererretval == 243) || ($retval == 255)) {
		    # PostScript error?
		    close KID_MESSAGE;
		    print KID_MESSAGE_IN "3 $EXIT_JOBERR\n";
		    close KID_MESSAGE_IN;
		    exit $EXIT_JOBERR;

The comment "# PostScript error?" suggests that it might be a problem with
the PS code, rather than with the ijs-driver, or with gs itself.

To help tear apart this issue, you might want to check whether gs can
actually correctly render the PS file to screen (i.e. the x11 device)


or to any of the other devices offered (see gs -h).  Note that
width/height is in points (=1/72 inch).  Also, you might need to swap
width/height specifications (depending on the contents of your PS file).

If that works, it's unlikely that the error is on the PS generation
side.  If it doesn't, gs should print some more detailed error message
hinting at what the problem with the (psresize'd) PS code might be...

Also, in order to reproduce/analyse the problem, it might be helpful to
know the exact commandline that's being used by foomatic to call gs. 
This will presumably resemble the entry "*FoomaticRIPCommandLine" from
the PPD file, with placeholders expanded.
Actually, there's some logging code in foomatic-rip

	    print $logh "renderer command: $commandline\n";

so I assume the commandline in question should already end up
somewhere... ($logh seems to be stderr by default).
Could you post what it says?


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