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Re: stupid question

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 11:45 -0600, John Hasler wrote:
> Linus is talking about the /usr/include/asm symlink, not the 
> /usr/src/kernel-source-U-downloaded /usr/src/linux one.  The latter is
> unnecessary but harmless.  There are (or were) distributions that included
> packages that looked for things in /usr/src, but I don't think any Debian
> packages do anything that dumb (though it's possible that some
> closed-source drivers may).

Thank you John. I can appreciate it when someone gets the wrong part
without explicit explanation.

I am glad you were willing to explain it.

Just that I don't tend to just give out answers most of the time. I give
enough information to help the people/person to discover the answer,
thereby trying to make them a bit less reliant on "gurus" of which I am
not. I just know many many many useless pieces of information, until
they aren't useless and become useful, then revert shortly there after.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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