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Complex Apache mass virtual hosting setup

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a mass name-based virtual hosting setup using Apache 2.0, and although the documentation is very clear on this point, I've hit a snag. I'm hosting several domains, some of which are normal .net, .org, etc... and some of which are in the UK style .co.uk and .org.uk TLDs. I'd like to offer subdomains to each of these, and keep a uniform directory structure. Ideally it would be something like this:


So, as far as I can tell this is impossible with mod_vhost_alias since I'm looking at different numbers of domain components for all of these. Another possibility would be mod_rewrite with a RewriteMap, but in my testing I've found that rewritten requests aren't logged... And I really would like to have access logs for these domains.

Does anybody have any suggestions regarding this?

Many thanks,

Chris Boot

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