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Re: Writing for Free Software Magazine

Lee Braiden wrote:
On Saturday 26 March 2005 16:39, Tony Mobily wrote:

Six weeks is a long time in computing, when viruses and patents can change the landscape overnight. Hell, that's the lifetime of some software versions in Free Software. What use is news about an issue six weeks after it happened to someone who might want to help campaign against something, or just to comment on an article before the next article in the series is already printed?

I think Lee is being argumentative without a strong leg to stand on.
Yes six weeks is a long time for some cycles, but other cycles are much longer. The web of communication is just that, a web. his magazine is not going to create a bottleneck that will impede important flows of information. This is a feature magazine (I am assuming) not a news source. Many publications have just the opposite scenario. Things are public when they are new and then you must pay to access an archive.
Making the archive free is a much greater service in my opinion.

I won't be buying a subscription right now, but I wish you success.

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