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Re: Writing for Free Software Magazine


On Saturday 26 March 2005 07:15, Tony Mobily IMAP wrote:
The great thing about this magazine is that all of the articles are
released under a free license six weeks after publication.

I still say it's immoral to withhold information from some while giving it to
those who can pay.

I happen to agree with you on this one.

  Unless you judge the articles' information to be
worthless, then you are, by definition, creating a society of haves and

I don't think I am. The articles are non-free only for a short time - six weeks. After that, they are released under a free license (GFDL, CC or Verbatim copying). If we created a magazine where only PART of the content was released for free, I would agree with you. However (fortunately) the WHOLE magazine is released after just six weeks - which I think long enough to justify the expense of a subscription (and cover our expenses).

 What's more: withholding that information might put free software
projects/communities at risk, if it's something to do with the proprietary
world's aggressive actions, for example.

I have the feeling you misunderstood what we wrote on the web site. I am not sure you realise the ALL the contents are released for free six weeks after publication. I am sure you wouldn't write this if you had realised.

Sorry, but if/when I have anything new to write, I'll put it on a website
where everyone can read it for free.

That's fantastic. That's exactly what we are trying to do. That's the beauty of free software: different people working towards a common goal. Thanks for your help!


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