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Re: clearing data from partitions

Dan wrote:

One quick, but kludgy way to do it would be say..

cat /dev/zero to each of the partitions for a few seconds.
that will murder the partition, and it will end up basically broken.
at that point, youd want to mke2fs or something on each one.

If you make a text list of all the partitions you want to do this to
you can script it!

something like..

bash# for i in `cat partitions.txt`; do dd if=/dev/zero of=$i bs=1024 count=50; mke2fs $i; done

that should go through the textfile, overwrite the first ~50k of each partition with zeroes
then mke2fs it.

Hope this helps!


john gennard wrote:

I have a large hard drive divided into many partitions so that I
can try new distros. Two large partitions hold Sarge and Unstable.


Thank you, Dan, I'll give that a try.


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