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Re: stop xwindows from loading at boot

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 04:20:14 +0100, Pollywog wrote

> On Tuesday 22 March 2005 03:07 am, Doug wrote:

>> So _at any point_, you can enter runlevel 3 by doing: #init 3 and the
>> gui/display manager will load

> I had not thought of that option.  That's one the OP might like.

For the benefit of a perennial Newbie, I would welcome more details.

Specifically, given that runlevel 2 can be configured to automatically
load the console:

a) at what point do you issue the "init 3" command and when does it
   get implemented;

b) is there any benefit in using "telinit 3" rather than "init 3"; and

c) how do these routines differ from using "startx" after booting
   into the console? 

Felix Karpfen
Felix Karpfen
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