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Re: File Types and Programs preferences gone?

Lee Braiden <jel@tundra.ath.cx> writes:

> On Saturday 19 March 2005 19:32, Bill Wohler wrote:
>> Is it just me or is Applications > Desktop Preferences > Advanced >
>> File Types and Programs gone? How is one supposed to edit MIME type
>> handlers?
> I'm guessing you're talking about GNOME 2.10? I think you
> right-click on the file and choose "open with" or something, same as
> with most desktops. Sorry I can't be more help, but I don't use it
> myself.

Thanks, I just learned about the "Open With" in Nautilus, but that
doesn't appear to have any way to show the File Types and Programs
dialog that I remember. The "Open With" menu item simply launches the
application you provide.

Is anyone else having trouble launching the "PDF Viewer" from Galeon
with a recent sarge update?

I'm running Sarge which is currently at Gnome 2.8.

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