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Re: Switching from OSS to Alsa

On Thursday 17 March 2005 18:52, Tong wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 19:36:14 -0500, Tong wrote:
> > Thank you very much, Andreas. Yes, that's all it takes to replace OSS
> > with alsa...
> I tested with "play a.wav", but all else seem to need more twisting:
> $ ogg123 b.ogg
> Audio Device:   OSS audio driver output
> Error: Cannot open device oss.
The oss device is /dev/dsp.  What are its permissions?  What happens if you 
tell ogg123 to use the alsa playback method instead of the default (which 
seems to be oss)?

> xmms -- no card found.
What is your xmms output plugin?  If it's not alsa, try using that one.

> mplayer -- Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.
try some of the other output plugins that mplayer -vo help provides.  Check 
your .mplayer/config file, to see what you specify as the default.

> So, any system wide setting I need to twist? Or I should tackle each tool
> individually?
> thanks

Oh, and don't forget to check to make sure that the sound device isn't 
locked by a sound daemon, such as arts or esd.  If it is, you have the 
option of either killing the sound daemon, or specifically using it.  I 
believe xmms and mplayer have options for both, but I don't know about 

Justin Guerin

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