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Re: grub problem? disk problem? howto fix it

On (17/03/05 20:27), Richard Weil wrote:
> Here is the problem: I have a server, running debian sarge w/ a couple
> of packages from unstable. I believe it was running 2.6.10. I logged
> into it after about a week and the server was having problems -
> couldn't "su", couldn't read system mail, etc. So, I killed what
> appeared to be some problematic processes (a bunch of cron jobs) and
> tried a reboot. Nothing happened. So I hard rebooted the computer. When
> it didn't come back up, I attached a monitor and the computer is stuck
> at a grub "error 25".
> What is the best way to fix this? Should I try to boot into something
> like knoppix and then modify grub on the hard drive? Any suggestions on
> what, exactly, I need to fix?
> Also, since the machine had always run and rebooted fine before, could
> this be a symptom of disk failure? Besides e2fsck (it is an ext3
> filesystem), what else could I do to check it and fix it?
Hi Richard

It sounds like it could be a partition (or disk) problem.  You could try
Knoppix or similar to check the partition. If it is a grub problem you
need a grub boot floppy (you could create one on another machine) or use
DSL as a rescue CD.




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