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Re: Different Sarge kernel upgrade question

John Fleming wrote:

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Subject: Re: Different Sarge kernel upgrade question

John Fleming wrote:

Please tell this newbie about issues regarding kernel upgrades. I'm having trouble using my Dell flat panel display with Sarge and 2.4 kernel. I've tried all the X reconfigure options to no avail. The box works fine with a CRT, but with the flat panel, it just flashes and is unusable. Is it crazy to think trying the 2.6 kernel might help this problem? I'm under the impression that 2.6 has better hardware support than 2.4.

The kernel does not drive the display, your display adapter does. Can you submit the exact display model and the model of your display adapter? Maybe we could help.

Display:  Dell E152FPc
Display ATI Rage Fury (8MB)



we get the refresh rates and supported resolutions for the display:

Horizontal scan range 30 kHz to 63 kHz (automatic)
Vertical scan range 56 Hz to 76 Hz (automatic)

We go to


and feed those for 1024x768 at 60 Hz. We get the following modeline

Modeline "1024x768@60" 64.56 1024 1056 1296 1328 768 783 791 807

Put this in the Monitor section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
and add the mode in the Display subsection (for the color depth you use( of the Screen section in the same file.

When you get this to work, you can play with the xtiming site and different modelines to get the optimal refresh for your display.

Hope that helps.


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