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Re: remote CD burning

* Alvin Oga:
> On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Leonardo Francalanci wrote:
>> I have a debian box with no X client. It has a CD burner.
>> Can I burn CDs from another debian PC?
> use mkisofs to make your *.iso image
> use cdrecord or any commandline cd burner

I prefer to use "burn" (yes, that's the name of the Debian package). It
is a lot easier and faster to use than those ugly GTK 1.x programs. Not
to mention k3b which I find completely confusing for the simple tasks
that I do.

<plug mode="shameless">

I started to write a small clone of burn with a nice and simple GTK+
GUI. There is already some non-funtional code at
<http://wasteland.homelinux.net/projects/birne/> and you can see a
screenshot of it at <http://wasteland.homelinux.net/images/birne.png>.
For now you'll need python-gtk, python-glade and python-gtkmvc. When the
program is ready to actually do anything, you will also need cdrecord
and mkisofs as well as some further python libraries for decoding
compressed audio files.

Any comments on UI layout, code design or features are welcome. Oh, and
sorry: the widgets have german descriptions because my target group is
my girlfriend. I plan top deal with localisation later.

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