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Re: games & wine

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 10:23 pm, jenea wrote:
> Hi!
>  I tried
> >  apt-get  install wine
> and the smarty debian package manager installed me de allmighty wine
> ...
> it runs ok  some windows apps...
> but   about games and directX it really sucks  , I would like to run
> Mortal Kombat 4 and Brood 10.1 ;
> I heard there is some wineX  , that suports directX emulation ; I
> browse google and found nothing downloadable , all links redirect me
> somewhere , but there is nothing ;
> Could someone help with a link to wineX ?
> Or maybe some hints what should I do to run games with wine ?
> 10x in advance

Try the former WineX, now called Cedega, from Transgaming 

The prepackaged versions will cost you the price of membership, $5 per month.
The tarballs are free.  The prepackaged versions contain some libraries the 
free version does not have and they seem to work better.


sp@mtr@p: croak@shadypond.com

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